Buying a Home: A smart investment for a smart millennial

Buying a Home: A smart investment for a smart millennial

Millennial is the opinionated generation who accepts any changes in lifestyles with open arms. Nevertheless, they are returning to the conservative ways noticeably in terms of investment options. They consider investing in real estate early on in their lives as a stable option.

Chennai is fast emerging as a classic investment paradise. The OMR region in the IT corridor is one of the driving forces for this trend. The areas around Siruseri, Padur, Navalur have all emerged as your go-to destinations for investing in the best apartment or villa projects.

The region is ideal for any kind of investor be it big or small. It caters to a variety of people, those looking for gated communities or stand-alone apartments/villas. The added advantage of buying property in these areas is its proximity to their workplaces and schools for their little ones with best in class facilities for entertainment and shopping.

Financial advisors argue that investment in real estate has diverse advantages for the young investor. Let’s look at some of the compelling reasons for the millennials to invest in buying a home.

  • ● It offers a great return on investment: Apartments for sale in Siruseri will give you great returns as a real estate asset never stops multiplying. Even if the property is rented out, the capital price would continue to rise.
  • ● Benefits in taxes: The investor enjoys tax exemptions and lower rates of taxation over the years.
  • ● Home loans are cheap: When compared to other loans, the housing loans offer the cheapest Rate of Interest.
  • ● Inflation: Investing in flats for sale in OMR is one of the surest ways of safeguarding against inflation. The property value and rental income increase significantly during high inflation.
  • ● It suits every need: Whether it is a second home for rental income or building capital growth for a retirement home, it suits every need.
  • ● Long Term Financial Security: The home you have invested in gives you long term financial security as the real estate tends to appreciate depending on where your property is located.
  • ● Good Resale Value: Any flats in OMR or apartments in Siruseri or nearby place give you a very good resale value as the property prices are always appreciating in this area.
  • ● Emotional Benefits: Last but not least you can develop interpersonal relationships and develop the local community as well.

The millennials will only buy goods that come with a guarantee of maximum lifetime utility. This perspective is also reflected in its investment in real estate. They invest with developers who have a proven track record of delivering good quality products on time like the Alliance Group projects. Codename Gold Standard is one such project which millennial generation will invest in without much hassle.

There is little doubt that investing in real estate is lucrative. Recognising the benefits of investing in a property to reap rewards and financial security is a given for these millennials. A well-researched millennial who knows the basics of investing ensures a steady income in their later years.